Acts 7:17-44

Among the Jewish people, Moses is a very important historical character. After all, God gave them The Law through Moses and he constructed the Tabernacle according to God’s exacting directions. This tabernacle would eventually evolve into Solomon’s Temple and, finally, become Herod’s Temple.

If patience is a virtue then it should not be surprising that it is a quality of our God. The prophet Nehemiah recognized God’s patience with the people of Israel and that is probably the best place to start (see Nehemiah 9:30). So, Stephen moves on from Abraham, the man of faith through Joseph who saved his family and planted his father, Jacob, in Egypt to build a nation.

Four hundred years later, as God had told Abraham (Genesis 15:12-16), during a time of enslavement and suffering, God would deliver His people and punish their oppressors.

That time came with Moses and Stephen acknowledges this great prophet of God who became a central leader of the Jewish nation that has lasted to this present day.


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