Sunday, May 19, 2019

John 3:1-21 (GWT) – Nicodemus

Knowing Christ is a heavenly activity that moves into our lives as we are born from above. Like the unseen movements of the wind it is a great mystery directed by God Himself.

When we are born again into a new awareness, our flesh and blood hosts heavenly influences. We grow as we interact with God’s word, His people, our daily experiences, our suffering and so much more. Everything in our lives is transformed as we see the evidence for God in every aspect of our lives. Every experience. Every encounter.


The Greek word John uses here can be translated as either “born from above” in contrast to “born again” (vss. 3, 7). As in so many other instances in John’s gospel, each translation wonderfully enriches the conversation. Both are correct at the same time! Like the wind that invisibly envelopes us Jesus speaks of a total and complete transformation of our lives in every aspect, every detail leaving no part of our lives untouched by the Holy Spirit.

The evidence of God’s transforming power in our lives is in the works He produces in us that demonstrate His power and love (Jn. 3:21). What a tragedy to believe that our works or ‘correct thinking’ have anything to do with earning a place in God’ s kingdom! The works we do and the things we say are the evidence of God’s influence in our lives which have been born from above.


The story of Nicodemus is one of those watershed stories. Here Jesus lays out the infinite realities of our lives of flesh and blood transformed by the new life that comes from above. The following Skit Guys video beautifully draws the contrast between ‘flesh and blood’ and the Spirit’s transforming work.


The conclusion of the matter is found in John 3:21 where Jesus teaches that our works that point to our being ‘born from above.’ This is because our mission is found in living out the transformation that is taking place in us.