About Us

Just entering a church building can be overwhelming.

So, we meet in a former credit union building in Muskegon Heights…a kind of building we all go into most every week.  Casual dress, an informal atmosphere and a come-as-you-are spirit is here because, we believe, Jesus accepts us just as we are so He can help us become more like Him.

The only perfection anyone will find here is in Jesus Christ.  That’s why we all want to know about Him, obey His commands and be like Him in every way.  No, we’re not perfect by any measure except, that is, by the blood of Jesus Christ.

That’s why we’re here: a hospital for sinners, not a rest home for saints.

Our worship services are simple and open to anyone.  Even our weekly communion service is open to all who wish to remember the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

Come join us at the table and let’s remember Him, together.

Jesus is Our Shoreline