Talk about how to grow a church!  3,000 new converts in one day, soon to grow to more than 5,000 with at least 16 dialects represented. Many were from far-away places like Italy, Northern Africa, Asia Minor and beyond.  Most would be the only Christians when they return to their native regions.


How would the apostles prepare them to return home to remain faithful and to plant new churches?


Acts 2:42-47 – They focused on the Apostles’ teaching, fellowship, sharing meals and communion, and prayer.  They provided for each other’s needs and did good works.  They met in the temple courts and in each other’s homes (i.e., large, medium and small groups).

What a great way to grow a church spiritually while they were growing “as the Lord added to their number” (Acts 2:47).  As these ‘last days’ continue until Jesus returns, it was the apostles themselves who gave us the template for coming together as the body of Christ.

This is what we do.  This is who we are.