God’s Fire would mark major events in the days of Israel. God’s Presence was marked by fire with Moses and the children of Israel (Exodus 3; 19-20; Deuteronomy 4), Elijah  (1 Kings 18:16-46), and Solomon ( 2 Chronicles 7).  John the Baptist had announced that the Messiah would come with the Holy Spirit and with fire (Matthew 3:1-12; Luke 3:15-18).  Now the Holy Spirit announces His presence with tongues of Fire (Acts 2:1-4).


Luke continues the crescendo of activity of Jesus and the Holy Spirit as God’s unfolding kingdom takes on new dimensions.  Thus begins church.  Indeed, preparations for the Day of Pentecost began with the coming of Christ.  After His death, burial and resurrection He  spends 40 days with His disciples.  Then, Jesus ascends back to heaven.  Now, a mighty wind is heard in Jerusalem and tongues of fire confirm God’s presence through His Spirit.


Suddenly equipped to speak languages to the different people-groups there in Jerusalem, the apostles begin the process of ‘speaking the wonders of God in our own tongues’ (Acts 2:11).  Of what wonders did they speak in advance of Peter’s sermon?

Today, we pray for the wind of the Holy Spirit and His fire in our hearts.  We pray for the ability to speak of God’s wonders as well by our lives, our words and our actions.